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How Many Laws Do We Need?

Remember the short story by Leo Tolstoy about How Much Land Does a Man Need? A man is told he can have all the land he marks with a spade in a day. He starts at sunrise and must return to the same spot by sunset or he gets nothing. Because of his greed, he forgets time and has to rush back. Only he dies from exhaustion and is only given enough land for a grave.
Is there anyone who is doing something go an entire day without breaking some type of law…speed, littering, grass length, snow depth, distracted driving, etc.? How many laws are vital for a city? A county? A state? Or even the Federal government? After all, didn’t Moses write all the laws needed for three major religions and a nation of people on a single rock?
Since I doubt if anyone knows how many laws each of these government bodies really have, I suggest a person ought to be able to count them in an hour or in case of the Federal government, in a day. It is really the duty of the lawmakers to actually weed out stupid, redundant, or unnecessary laws. But lawmakers are hoarders of the stupid, redundant, and unnecessary.
So I propose common sense committees to help do the cleanup. Who better than a committee of say a grandmother, policeman, farmer, garbage man, and a housewife to clean things up? They and other citizens are all use to dealing with stupid, redundant, and unnecessary things in practical and common sense fashion. Their job would be to toss stupid laws in one pile. Laws to keep in another would go in another pile.
When they finish, call in the elected officials to reconsider how much stupid, redundant, and unnecessary people need to put up with. No vacations, no days off, and no fund raising until laws can be counted. Repeat with different people forming the common sense group until laws of city, county, state, and federal government can at the very least be counted in a reasonable amount of time.

Do I think this is really a solution? Of course not.

So why do we expect law enforcement people to do on our streets and while under stress what the elected law makers won’t do in the calm and quiet of their offices?

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Today’s Racial Tensions

December 4, 2014

Unrest and uneasiness in police and public of large cities started me thinking.

Police departments apparently feel dressing public servants like they are sort of badass movie action characters will inspire a sense of love and caring by the community. By driving war equipment around the neighborhood, brotherly love will rain upon the masses. Peace and harmony will replace fear and hate by lobbing tear gas at grandmother and little children. For the most part, the supporters of this approach enjoy listening to and making rich the likes of Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh.

Neighborhoods apparently feel burning down buildings and tipping cars over shows they are some sort of badass also. People outside the community are running around looting stores and tossing Molotov cocktails. They claim this will somehow make people pressure the other side to give the community a group hug. To top it off, vultures like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton fly in to gather donations while exciting more unrest with the same golden speeches from 40 years ago.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Stop trying to cover your political left or right cheek. You screwed up! The time to develop a good relationship and communications with people in your neighborhoods and with city officials is before there ever was a problem.

2. Provide for people with mental health problems. Get them off the streets and get them help they need. Stop making police having to deal with mentally ill left on the streets to save money.

3. The war on drugs has been a total joke and disaster. It is a war on black, brown, and poor people. It created a lot of illegal and non-taxable jobs. The war on drugs suggest police are warriors placed in no one wins battles.

4. Convert police departments from a place people are intimidated and fear to a place they will go to in time of need.

5. I hate to disappoint both White and Black cultures here in the United States. There is one race, the human race. We are all shades of one another.

6. We have a government of the people. We have a government by the people. Now we need to a little more work on a government for the people.

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The Mean Season

December 2, 2014

Christmas season is here. Unfortunately, it is another way of saying the Mean Season is here. The mean season begins with pushing and shoving while rushing to the first bargain battle on Black Friday, Thanksgiving, or whatever miserable day stores and malls decide. It ends when the last Christmas prize’s wrapping is wadded up and tossed into the trash.
It begins with numerous negative postings on social media sites. Posting, for example, that urges boycotting stores who tell associates to wish you Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. Posting which urge readers to please share religious pictures of Christmas just to upset the censors at Facebook or whatever. Political posting that exclaim how terrible the black guy in the White House is for doing something like putting a gold star on the national Christmas tree instead of a white star like so and so did. All good intentions by good people designed to put Christ back in Christmas. However, I would like a major campaign this Christmas season to put Christ back in Christians.
What is wrong with a campaign to give a smile to overworked associates and help to tired fellow shoppers scurrying around stores for find Christmas happiness? How about sharing food with those who have no food? Or sharing your time and with those shut in or lonely? Isn’t this far more Christian than trying to upset some imaginary, unknown person? What is wrong with sharing your money with poor people directly instead of Corporate begging institutions? Is fretting over how well other people following your religion keeping you from loving them for trying? Different cultures do different things. Be the Samaritan. Be the kind of person Jesus would talk about as an example for all.

Once Christ is back in Christians, the mean season will a kind season once more.

Until then, have a Happy Holiday season!

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