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We in the United States are apparently cured of our evil ways. We can shave our handlebar mustaches. We can burn our black suits and top hats. We are more pure than the forties and fifties. Our righteous leaders in Washington DC have lead us to drink from the fountain of virtue.
Price Fixing: This morning Yahoo only found one price fixing trial going on in the United States. The Toledo Blade reported about a price fixing suit by three companies against manufactures of polyurethane foam. Sill I am amazed how all the different gas stations and grocery stores raise and lower prices at the same time.
Weapons Smuggling: With a world overflowing with international terrorists, not one person has been caught smuggling in a gun into the United States. In fact, the last news about gun smuggling was the blotched “Fast and Furious”. The United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives between 2006 and 2011 did their own gun running and got caught.
Insider Trading: This morning, there were no trials nationwide (that I could find) going on for insider trading. I am sure no lobbyist or lawmaker ever exchanges hints.

Numbers: States solved the illegal lotteries that took advantage of the poor by taking them over themselves. Now only states, and not crime syndicates, are taking advantage of the poor.
Bunco: Until states and Native American tribes took over, police had bunco squads that raided bars for having gambling parlors.
Money Laundering: Again, no trials are going on in United States for money laundering. While corporations and very wealthy can move their money at will, it is all legal now that they bought Congress and State governments.


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